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Religions, throughout history, anticipated doing business and communities to sustain life in the manner required by religion. For example, according to the religion of Judaism, a business that sells dairy product at the same time do not sells meat products. According to Hinduism, the sale of beef is prohibited. Some religions, in Bali or important days trade is not performed, while in İslam trade even during the period of the Hajj that can be possible. In the last 10 years, the global financial crisis, Western nations are Petro-dollar rich Muslim countries, including the Vatican, many institutions of Islamic Finance and Islamic Economics models by making a research subject, seeking ways out of the financial crisis. In this study, trade in İslam, Islamic finance refers to the Islamic concept of entrepreneurship matters to be explained. Islamic entrepreneur; faithful, environment-sensitive, honest, giving Zakat, interest-free and interest-free financial products that generate revenue as it is possible to identify the person.

İslamic Entrepreneur,İslamic Finance, Non-interest Financial Products

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