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The Ottoman sultans, From the time of Murat II. began to work on poem seriously. Even though the number of poems belongs to some of them is low , some of them had ollected poems.. In this article we will focus on Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror who wrote poems under the pseudonym by Avni and Suleiman who wrote poem under the pseudonym Muhibbi. The Sutlans not only were succesful in the state-run success, science, art, architecture , literature but also has shown particular interest in the field, they supported scientists and poets, those Sultans also wrote poetry poets. Ottoman chronicles and general culture of today's encyclopedias, referring to statesmanships often putting forward their state's political, military, economic and architectural areas that are addressing the actions of. Some of the of literary encyclopedias mentioned about the lterary direction of the sultans also.As our aim is to discuss the direction of literary tezkires Conqueror and Suleiman the Magnificent, we woul like to benefit from the published divans and literature encyclopedias. As they are the courtier poet's they are both educated in the hands of private tutors also completed training from an early age. All kind facilites were provided to them to get scientific, political, moral and literary . They learned languages such as the state's official language is Turkish with the Arabic and Persian languages in the current period and some western languages.; on the other hand the Conqueror were more likely to have an intereston the language. The Sultan Mehmet and the Sultan Suleyman Sultan who met state goverment at the early ages, gained governorship experinces in company with their teachers, servant tutors and consultants in sanjanks. Places where these people are intellectual, religious, and political speeches were made, as was done in poetry and literature conversations, so they met in poetry at a young age. Their political, military and social actions in the field of literary activities so it is important for us. Before this study, we will show a brief biography of the poet to these two sultans,and we will focus on literary figures. We will also focus on the poet which Muhibbi wrote for Avni taking into consideration to parallels(nazires) which were written by those two Sultans.

Classical Turkish Literature, Nazires, Avni, Muhibbi, Sultan Poet

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