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The Companions, who witnessed descent of revelation, have eliminated illiteracy of them by means of the Qur’an and began to be enlightened in every aspect. The Companions, changed and transformed by the revelation, were a generation developed their will and directions in line with the direction of divine will and reached the right way. This is due to their Qur'anic perceptions and divine amr and nahy. The Companions’ practice of divine imperatives with total submission and also of their surrender themselves to the divine will indicate the place, value and awareness of the Qur’an and the concept of divine word for the Companions. This research was mostly based on concrete examples. The Companions did not have a Qur'anic consciousness centred upon solely learning; rather they followed an approach of "learning by doing" the divine amr and nahy. It is possible to observe the Companions’ Qur'anic understanding and of their concept of the divine amr and nahy in many events in the process of the revelation: The manners exhibited by the Companions during the order of hijab and the final prohibition of drinking etc. prove the sensitivity of the Companions about divine amr and nahy, their perceptions of the Qur’an, their awareness and dimensions of it. In this study, attitudes of the followers of other religions towards divine amr and nahy have been compared with the attitudes of the Companions. The study also aims to transfer the right and original approaches of the Companions to the Qur’an and their perceptions and awareness of it to the present-day.

Tafsir, Amr, Nahy, Qur'anic Consciousness, the Companions of the Prophet.

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