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There are two mosques, The Upper Baraklı Mosque and The Lower Baraklı Mosque, in the Özbaraklı village of Taşova in Amasya. The inscription on the entrance gate of Upper Barakli Mosque reads H.1287 / M.1870-1871. In 1985, the building was changed by expanding to the east. Wooden door wings of construction and single-ply centered overlapping wooden ceilings and ornaments are original. The marble inscription on the entrance gate of the Lower Barakli Mosque records 1302 with today's letters and numbers. This date, which is a Hijri, dates back to 1884-1885 as Miladi and is referred to as the date of construction. The master name is written on the entrance gate pedestal. The rich wall works on the surface of the dome of the flat wooden ceiling with its domed wall surfaces and the dome in the middle are remarkable. Both structures in the Black Sea Region, especially XIX. It is among the wooden ceiling windows that are encountered intensely in the century. In our work, architectural and decoration features were defined in detail and a comparative analysis was made with similar structures.

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