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Informed Devine attributes are mentioned in the Devine text but must be comprehended word for word owing to rational arguments. They can’t be ascribed to God and can’t be considered abstractly from its context in the Devine text. There have been different approaches towards the explanations of the attributes. The Salafi’s approach is to accept the khabarî attributes which are mentioned in the Qur’an and the hadith without ta’wîl (interpretation) and without making any further comments. This approach has been called as “tafwîz”, “bilakeyf” or “tawakuf”. Explaining them is exceedingly important in order to avoid from comparing God with something else. In order to resolve such disputes, Muslim scholars have developed certain methods, one of which is ta’wil. The explanations of these informed attributes come to light as a necessity of the principles of tanzih and takdis (declaring God to be perfect, glorifying God). In the sunni understanding about the Informed Devine Attribute in a systematic way can be said to be scholar of theology and philosophy Fahreddin al-Razi (D. 606/1210). Because of that, for the first time about the subject “Esasü’t-Takdis fi Ilm-ı Kalam” in the name of an independent work, has written. This article his understanding of adjectives, suggestions for solutions to problems and describes the method of his evidence is examined.

Fahreddin al-Razi, Informed Devine Attributes, Interpretation, Glorifying God

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