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This study was done for determining teachers’ opinions ,who were assigned by Ministery of National Education in 2015-2016 education in academic year and who attended preservice teacher training programme. Reaseacrch was done as stuation analysis of qualitative research and it is integrated singular stuation study. As sample,typical stuational sample from purposive sample, which is used in qualitative research method, was used.25 teachers of 87 volunteer teachers, who work in Antalya city, Konyaaltı province center and attend preservice teacher training programme from differrent branches, were chosen as sample. Thoughts gained according to the content analysis, catagorized under 7 themes as in the followings;preservice teacher application; finding the programme inadequate interms of the programme and content; positive affects of working at diffrent schools and in different regions;negative effects of working at different schools and in different regions;approval of regulation changes;inadequacy of law and regulations;existance of preservice teachers’ problems. In the research despite there are some planning problems about the application, which is first applied this year, it is clear that application has some good sides for teachers and teachers are generally pleased with the applications. But in the beginning of the process, it is seen that preservice teachers, counsellor teachers, and managers could not forcast and plan the process properly and some misapplications were seen.Despite of these, when it is looked back, it is confirmed that the candidates, who first saw classrooms, school,and students are complately pleased as they get over this process not on work but on such an example adaptation process.

Preservice Teacher, Teaching, Teacher’s Opinion.

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