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Recitation as known reading style of Qur’an started by revealation of first five verses of surah Alak. This form of recitation took place under the supervision of angel Gabrial so thus first angel gabriel read the phophet just listen, subsequently the prophet recite and angel gabriel listen to him. Thus, the first example of recitaion process was began in a way which is called sky and ground. It was shown that no differences between recitation of sky and ground. The term recitation and its conceptualization has revealed by the following of conquest of Mecca. Thus, because large number of people from Arab tribes and non-Arab communities entered Islam, depending on the difference of accents and intonations, some troubles have begun to appear in recitation of Qur’an based on one letter. Therefore, the glorious Prophet, who is not indifferent to this situation, was frequently prayed to the Lord for that the Qur'an could be read without difficulty by the people of every level. These prayers of the Prophet responded and according to a practice known as the seven letters, the Qur'an was allowed to be read. In this regard, in the frame of certain bases, individuals could prefer one of the seven recitations which is easy and the best for them.

Qur’an, Recitation, Revelation, Seven Letters

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